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Filters for Lomography

check each size page 46 - 77 scroll down to “effects” Cokin A & P also!

* most variety in 55mm...use with step rings

* Bing name to see many examples

check out this blog for examples:


Filter sizes for newest DSLR and 4/3 camera lenses

Guide to thread pitches used throughout the site

   E, ES  European standard male threads 0.75mm...E, ES after the size

        E  European fine male threads 0.5mm...E before the size

        F  US & Japanese fine male threads 0.5mm

        C  Coarse male threads 1.0mm

        M  medium male threads 0.75mm... standard threads today

       FR  fine (0.5)mm female

       MR  med (0.75)mm female

       nft  slim > no front threads

       SO  slip-on (over lens barrel)

       SS  set screw (tightens over lens barrel)


Guide to condition of filters for sale

*new filters

        new - in current or recent packaging.

        NOS - new old stock in original packaging 10+ years

        NIB n/o - vintage older filters new in original packaging 20+ years.

        NIC n/o - new/old in original leather or plastic case

        n/o - new/old out of its packaging

        ( NOS, n/o B+W and Heliopan filters are non-slim )

*pre-owned filters

        “looks new” may be new (?) - in or out of original packaging

        “clean” or “very clean” - used, near-mint condition - no flaws.

         vg - good glass, some wear on frame

         cs - with original leather or plastic case

         unmtd - unmounted glass


   Clearance! “Various Japan brands” made for many independent importers during the 70‘s, 80’s, 90’s; mostly made by Marumi Optical using quality standards: coating, dyed glass and sturdy frames. All listed are in “very clean” or “like new” condition...Any I receive with nicks on the frame, scratches, ghosting, worn coatings, hazing from deteriorating foam packaging... are discarded.

Brands include: Asanuma, Camrex, Coastar, CPC Phase 2, Gemko, HCE, Kalcor, Kalt, Kenko, Milo, Osawa, Prinz, PRO, Promaster, Quantaray, Rokunar, Samigon, Toshiba, Toyo Optics, Spiratone, Vivitar...and others


MC - multi-coated;  SMC super multi-coated;  SC - single coated


All Nikon, B+W, Heliopan and other German filters: black painted brass.

B+W and Heliopan filters are SC “single coated” on both sides

B+W “MRC” filters have “multi-resistant coating”

B+W E and ES series are vintage non-slim 6mm thickness frames...heavier for vintage long focal length lenses

B+W F-Pro filters have 4mm thickness frames

B+W XS-Pro filters have 3mm thickness frames

Heliopan “SH-PMC” filters have “super-hard premium multi-coating”

All other round filters are black anodized aluminum unless “chrome”.


*Linear Polarizers are for new mirrorless and older manually operated cameras

*Circular Polarizers recommended for AF and Digital cameras


Guide to Neutral Density filters

         ND Wratten #       Filter factor (ff)         Increase exposure stops

              0.1                         1.25                          1/3

              0.2                         1.50                          2/3

              0.3                         2x                               1          

              0.4                         2.5                           1-1/3

              0.5                         3                              1-2/3

              0.6                         4x                               2          

              0.7                         5                              2-1/3

              0.8                         6                              2-2/3

              0.9                         8x                               3          

              1.0                         10                            3-1/3

              1.2                         16                               4

              1.8                         64                               6

              2.0                         100                           6-2/3

              2.4                                                            8

              2.7                                                            9    

              3.0                         1000                           10                

              4.0                         10k                           13-1/3


Basics for digital or film

          UV - Haze     Basic reduction of UV light...

                     Filter Factor 0 - 0 stops

Skylight 1A, 1B - B+W KR1.5 - Nikon L1A, L1B

  Cuts UV light - pinkish cast for blue haze reduction...

Filter Factor 1 - 0 stops


Linear / Circular Polarizer

  General use in outdoor photography - produces deeper skies and alters reflections.

Filter Factor 3-4...1-2/3 - 2 stops

Infrared 89B - B+W 092 - Hoya R72
  Infrared 87 - B+W 093 - Hoya RM90

Enhancing Filter - Hoya Intensifier

  Intensifies the yellow, orange, red spectrum while not    affecting other colors, use with Polarizer to intensify blue skies. Enhances faded fabrics, fall foliage and landscape.

                           Filter Factor 1.4 - 1/2 stop

filters for black and white photography

General rule:

filters lighten their own color and darken their opposite

Yellow 5 - Y1 - Nikon Y44

Light yellow filter for mild contrast...high-altitude UV...Filter Factor 1.4 - 1/2 stop

Yellow 8 - Y2 - B+W 022 - Hoya K2 - Nikon Y48
          This medium yellow filter offers the most correct tonal  range contrast for clouds against blue skies...

Filter Factor 2 - 1 stop


Yellow 12 - Nikon Y52
Cuts haze in aerial work; used with color infrared; more contrast than yellow 8

Filter Factor 2.2 - 1 stop

Yellow 15 - B+W 023

              Enhances landscapes, marine scenes and aerial photography with more dramatic effects than yellow 8 ...

Filter Factor 2.5 - 1-1/3 stop                      

Orange 16 - B+W 040 - Hoya G

More dramatic effect than Yellow 15...

Filter Factor 2.5 - 1-1/3 stop

Orange 21 - B+W 041 - O2 - Nikon 056

Absorbs blue and blue-greens.

Blue skies darken with dramatic cloud contrasts.

Foliage blackens.

Filter Factor 7 - 2-2/3 stops

Red 23A

Light red producing contrast effects that darken skies, water, rock formations and architecture...

Filter Factor 6 - 2-1/3 stops

Red 25A - B+W 090 - Nikon R60

Dramatic sky effects and cloud contrast.

Useful with Infrared films 
Filter Factor 8 - 3 stops

Red 29 - B+W 091

Dramatic sky effects and cloud contrast. Useful with Infrared films. Deeper effect than 25 Red.

Filter Factor 10 - 4-1/3 stops

Yellow-Green - Hoya XO - B+W 060

Used with outdoor portraiture for good skintones when landscape is important. Enhances highlites in foliage, grass and trees. Same sky contrast as yellows.

Filter Factor 2.5 - 1-1/2 stop

Green 11 - B+W 061 - Hoya X1

Used with outdoor or studio portraiture for rich skintones;

Enhances shadows and highlites in foliage, grass and trees...Filter Factor 4 - 2 stops

Green 58

Dramatically lightens and enhances shadows and highlites in foliage, grass and trees.

Cyan  Blue 38 - B+W 080, 081

Minimizes contrast; Bleaches daytime skies.

Blue 47, 47B

Accentuates fog; minimizes contrast giving shots a

wintery effect



                       warming filters for digital or film

Tiffen 812   -  Tiffen FX Warm

Absorbs bluish haze in scenics; Adds warmth to skintones, similar to a dense skylight.

Filter Factor 1.5 - 2/3 stop


Converts Tungsten 3200K Type B film to 3400K w/ indoor lighting

Warms up scenes and portraiture on overcast days w/ Daylight film... Filter Factor...1.4 - 1/2 stop


Used with outdoor portraiture for good skintones when landscape is important. Stronger effect than 81A

Filter Factor 1.4 - 1/2 stop

81C - B+W / Heliopan KR3

Same as 81B but has increased effect

Filter Factor 1.5 - 2/3 stop


Same as 81C but has increased effect

Filter Factor 2.0 - 1.0 stop

color correction / color balance

      Using Cinestill films


80A - B+W KB15 - Nikon B15

Balances daylight film for use with most standard  household tungsten lighting or studio lighting...converts 3200K to 5500K....Filter Factor 2.4 - 1-1/3 stops

80B - B+W KB12 - Nikon B12

Balances daylight film for use with most standard  photo flood lamps and on-camera flash.

converts 3400K to 5500K...Filter Factor 2 - 1 stop


Balances daylight film for use with most high intensity  photo flood lamps and on-camera flash....Filter Factor 1.9 - 1 stop

82A - Heliopan B1.5 - B+W KB1.5

Reduces warmth during early morning and late afternoon while maintainig natural skintones.

Filter Factor 1.3 - 1/3 stop


82B - Heliopan B3 - B+W KB3

Same as 82A but has increased effect.

Filter Factor 1.4 - 1/2 stop

82C...Filter Factor 1.5 - 2/3 stop


Creative strong warming filter. Type-A lighter - Cine-still Tungsten

Filter Factor 2 - 1 stop


85A - Heliopan R12

Creative strong warming filter deeper than 85.

Tungsten Type A film - Cine-still Tungsten

Filter Factor 2 - 1 stop

85B - Heliopan R15

Balances Type B indoor film for outside - Cine-still Tungsten

Filter Factor 2.1 - 1 stop


Creative strong warming filter. Balances Type B indoor film for outside like 85B but slightly cooler - Cine-still Tungsten

Filter Factor 2 - 1 stop

FL-D daylight

Balances daylight film to indoor fluorescents reducing green cast... Filter Factor 2 - 1 stop


Balances Type B film to indoor fluorescents

Filter Factor 2 - 1 stop


Balances daylight film to tungsten corrected or daylight simulated fluorescents.
Filter Factor 2 - 1 stop

CC 30 Magenta

General fluorescent correction with indeterminate ambient fluorescent lighting.


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