Getting started: using filters with Digital Photography

Guide to thread pitches used throughout the site

ES    European standard male threads 0.75 standard threads today

E      European fine male threads 0.5: for older cameras

F      fine male threads 0.5mm between threads - same as E

C      Coarse male threads 1.0

M      medium male threads 0.75... standard threads today

FR     fine (0.5) female

MR    med (0.75) female

NFT   slim > no front threads

SO    slip-on (over lens barrel)

SS    set screw (tightens over lens barrel)

*step-up, step-down rings: First number is your lens size, second the filter size.


Guide to condition of filters for sale

*new filters

       “new” - current or recent packaging.

       “looks new” may be new (?) - out of original packaging

       “n/o” - new filters in older packaging 7+ years. vintage filters in original leather or plastic case

( n/o B+W and Heliopan filters are non-slim )

*used filters

       “u/m” “clean” or “very clean” - used, near-mint condition - no flaws.

       vg - used, good glass, some wear on frame

       cs - with original leather or plastic case

       unmtd - unmounted glass

       MC - multi-coated;   SC - single coated

       (*) before the size - quantity discounts available


All Nikon, B+W, Heliopan and other German filters are black anodized brass.

B+W and Heliopan filters are SC “single coated” on both sides...or

B+W “MRC” filters have “multi-resistant coating”

Heliopan “SH-PMC” filters have “super-hard premium multi-coating”

All other round filters are black anodized aluminum unless “chrome”.


*Linear Polarizers are for manually operated cameras

*Circular Polarizers recommended for AF and Digital cameras


Guide to Neutral Density filters

         ND Wratten #       Filter factor (ff)         Increase exposure stops

              0.1                         1.25                          1/3

              0.2                         1.50                          2/3

              0.3                         2x                               1          

              0.4                         2.5                           1-1/3

              0.5                         3                              1-2/3

              0.6                         4x                               2          

              0.7                         5                              2-1/3

              0.8                         6                              2-2/3

              0.9                         8x                               3          

              1.0                         10                            3-1/3

              1.2                         16                               4

              1.8                         64                               6

              2.0                         100                           6-2/3

              2.4                                                            8

              2.7                                                            9    

              3.0                         1000                           10                

              4.0                         10k                           13-1/3



 Kodak Wratten numbering system

Basics for digital or film

          UV - Haze     Basic reduction of UV light   ff - 0


Skylight 1A, 1B - B+W KR1.5 - Nikon L1A, L1B

  Cuts UV light - pinkish cast for blue haze reduction


Linear / Circular Polarizer

  General use in outdoor photography - produces deeper skies and alters reflections.

Infrared 89B - B+W 092 - Hoya R72
  Infrared 87 - B+W 093 - Hoya RM90

Enhancing Filter - Hoya Intensifier

  Intensifies the yellow, orange, red spectrum while not    affecting other colors, use with Polarizer to intensify blue skies. Enhances faded fabrics, fall foliage and landscape.

filters for black and white photography

Yellow 5 - Y1 - Nikon Y44

Light yellow filter for mild contrast...high-altitude UV

Yellow 8 - Y2 - B+W 022 - Hoya K2 - Nikon Y48
          This medium yellow filter offers the most correct tonal  range contrast for clouds against blue skies


Yellow 12 - Nikon Y52
Cuts haze in aerial work; used with color infrared; more contrast than yellow 8

Yellow 15 - B+W 023

              Enhances landscapes, marine scenes and aerial photography with more dramatic effects than yellow 8                       

Orange 16 - B+W 040 - Hoya G

More dramatic effect than Yellow 15

Orange 21 - B+W 041 - O2 - Nikon 056

Absorbs blue and blue-greens.

Blue skies darken with dramatic cloud contrasts. Foliage blackens.

Red 23A

Light red producing contrast effects that darken skies, water, rock formations and architecture.

Red 25A - B+W 090 - Nikon R60

Dramatic sky effects and cloud contrast. Useful with Infrared films 

Red 29 - B+W 091

Dramatic sky effects and cloud contrast. Useful with Infrared films. Deeper effect than 25 Red.

Yellow-Green - Hoya XO - B+W 060

Used with outdoor portraiture for good skintones when landscape is important. Enhances highlites in foliage, grass and trees. Same sky contrast as yellows.

Green 11 - B+W 061 - Hoya X1

Used with outdoor or studio portraiture for rich skintones; Enhances shadows and highlites in foliage, grass and trees.

Green 58

Dramatically lightens and enhances shadows and highlites in foliage, grass and trees.

Cyan  Blue 38

Minimizes contrast; Bleaches daytime skies.

Blue 47, 47B

Accentuates fog; minimizes contrast giving shots a wintery effect

                                 warming filters for digital or film

Tiffen 812   -  Tiffen FX Warm

Absorbs bluish haze in scenics; Adds warmth to skintones, similar to a dense skylight.


Converts Tungsten 3200K Type B film to 3400K

Warms up scenes and portraiture on overcast days.


Used with outdoor portraiture for good skintones when landscape is important. Stronger effect than 81A.

81C - B+W / Heliopan KR3

Same as 81B but has increased effect.


Same as 81C but has increased effect.

                             color correction / color balance   -   recommended for Cine-still films

80A - B+W KB15 - Nikon B15

Balances daylight film for use with most standard  household tungsten lighting or studio lighting.

80B - B+W KB12 - Nikon B12

Balances daylight film for use with most standard  photo flood lamps and on-camera flash.


Balances daylight film for use with most high intensity  photo flood lamps and on-camera flash.

82A - Heliopan B1.5 - B+W KB1.5

Reduces warmth during early morning and late afternoon while maintainig natural skintones.


82B - Heliopan B3 - B+W KB3

Same as 82A but has increased effect.


Creative strong warming filter.


85A - Heliopan R12

Creative strong warming filter deeper than 85.

Tungsten Type A film

85B - Heliopan R15

Balances Type B indoor film for outside.


Creative strong warming filter. Balances Type B indoor film for outside like 85B but slightly cooler.

FL-D daylight

Balances daylight film to indoor fluorescents reducing green cast.


Balances Type B film to indoor fluorescents


Balances daylight film to tungsten corrected or daylight simulated fluorescents.

CC 30 Magenta

General fluorescent correction with indeterminate ambient fluorescent lighting.


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